Sarasbaug Temple houses the idol of Shri Sidhhivinayak.  Sidhhivinayak means the god who makes wishes come true. It is one of the prime landmark in Pune. Sarasbaug was once occupied by a small lake. That is why the Ganesha is also called as ‘Talyatala’ Ganapati. The lake later dried up. The temple was built in 1784 under the directions of Sawai Madhavrao Peshwe and Mahadji. In the recent renovation a Peshwe park is added to the Sarasbaug.

It is said that the Peshwas use to go in a boat ride with their advisors to discuss the military strategy against the Nizam and British empire. The boat used to travel by this lake (where Sarasbaug is today) and the boats were steered by non-natives like Africans or deaf people to maintain the complete secrecy. 

The lake had an area of about 25 acres. Even today there is a small pond in the garden around the temple. With a beautiful garden around, this is one of the favorite picnic spots for Punekars.


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