No need to tell anybody that this is one of the most famous places in Pune. This is Pune’s pride – The Shaniwarwada. I’m not exaggerating the fact but I heard many Punekars get Goosebumps when they visit this place. I Swear!

This very famous palace fort was built in 1746 by Bajirao I who is known as a warrior who never got defeated in his entire life!  Bajirao  I laid the ceremonial foundation of the wada on Saturday June 10, 1730 and the opening ceremony was also performed on Saturday! It is said it took 1732 days to build it.

There is a stunning statue of Bajirao in front of Shaniwarwada and a garden too. There are five gates of the

Wada. The names are:

1. Dilli Darwaja: Facing Towards North - Delhi
2. Mastani Darwaja : Said to be used by Mastani- Bajirao’s mistress
3. Khidki Darwaja: Named after the armored window
4. Ganesh Darwaja: Named after Kasba Ganapati
5. Narayan Darwaja: The corpse of Narayan Peshwa was taken out of the fort from this door.

The interior of the fort was destroyed in fire in 1828 but the place is very famous. If you have read the history of Bajirao I, I bet this place will give you goosebumps with the thought that Bajirao used to live here! It is said that 1000 people used to stay in this Shaniwarwada. Such a heritage but the worn out signs will tell you how we preserve such great places.

There is a light and Sound show everyday in the evening:

7:15 pm – 8:00 pm (Marathi)
8:15 pm – 9:00 pm (English)

Entry fee is Rs 5 and Rs 25 if you wish to carry a camera with you. 


  1. Nice article. (h)
    This place is the source of the Pride in a Punekar :>)

    - Aniket Desai

  2. Shaniwar wada - The Pride of Pune 8-)
    - Abhi Chavan

  3. Unfortunately Marathi commentry is in justice to tourist


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