Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Photo by  Jonathan Bowen
This three storey building has the collection of the exhibits which Dr. Dinkar Kelkar collected from 1920-1960, with a mission to gather the finest examples of folk arts and Indian craftsmanship. Later Dr. Dinkar Kelkar handed this collection to the department of Archeology. One can see many visitors from abroad in this museum who are in search of understanding India through the folk arts.

There are around 2100 priceless artifacts in the museum. The artifacts include woodworks, sculpture, coins, musical instruments and the instruments of musical maestros. They are devided into 42 sections. These objects mirror the everyday life of India. There is Mastani Mahal in the museum. Dr Kelkar said he wanted to make an attempt of depicting the palace of Mastani, which was in Kothrud during Peshwa era. The museum is a marvel. A musical gallery is also one of the visitor’s attractions.

Museum Timings: From 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Holidays26th January, 15th August and Anant Chaturdashi. 

Entry Fees:

Re. 5.00 for children below 12 years
Rs. 20.00 for adults above 12 years
Rs. 200.00 for Foreigners (adults)
Rs. 50.00 for Foreigners (children)

Museum entry is free for the Blind and the Disabled


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