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Tulshibaug Ganapati Mandal

Tulshibaug Ganapati the is 4th Ganesha of honor in Pune. The mandal was established by the cub of India – Lokamanya Tilak in 1901. This mandal is located at the centre of very famous Tulshibaug market of Pune. 

There is history behind why this place is known as Tulshi Baug. 
In late 1896, Pune was hit by bubonic plague, part of the global Third plague pandemic
 Tulsi (Basil) is an ayurvedic medicine that can cure plague. So, in this area Tulsi plants were grown on a large scale. So, the name of the area became TulsiBaug and later it became TulshiBaug.

The idol of Tulshibaug Mandal is 15 feet tall and has gold as well as silver as well as silver ornaments on it. The mouse near the idol is made up of silver. The idol is of hemadpanthi styles and steals your heart in the first look. In the year 1975, the mandal installed fiber idol, which was the first fiber idol in the country!

The mandal is very famous for the decorations. It has the tradition of presenting moving tableau based on mythological stories, since 1952. The first decoration of the mandal was of Lord Rama and Laxmana crossing the Sharayu river in a boat. DS Khatavkar handles the matters related to the decoration. He himself is a sculptor. Today, his son Vivek handles it. Vivek is also involved in the decoration of Dagadusheth halwai Ganapati.

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श्रीतुळशीबाग गणपती मंडळ


  1. I live near Tulshibaug. I wish I could describe the atmosphere during Ganeshotsav. But its one of the feelings that cannnnot be explained in words. You have to feel it. Especially the procession. Dhol, tasha, lezim. Its amazing. Ganapati Bappa Moraya.. :) - Sujay Kulkarni


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