Budhani Brothers

“Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate aim.” – Arvind Budhani

Budhani Brothers Waferwala is a well-known and reputed brand for products like Potato Wafers, Potato Mixture, Cashew Nut Chiwda since 1955.

It was 1948, when Madhavji  Budhani came to Pune and started working in a shop making wafers and dry fruits, which was owned by his sister’s husband. Later the shop closed down. But Madhavji decided to set up his own shop and later he did it with his 2 brothers.  All they had was a small frying pan, a stove, hand potato peeler and a slicer.

But today they have installed a machine which has a capacity to manufacture 300 kg of chips in an hour! They also have an automatic packaging system, a centrifugal slicer and a centrifugal dryer. The technological up gradations were brought by Arvind Budhani after studying the technological advancements in abroad. The new foil packet helps in increasing the shelf life of the products from 1 month to 4 months. This is how the local player dominates a market segments where there are number of MNCs fighting for the top position. It’s the quality and word of mouth that works against the big advertisements of MNCs.

‘Potato chips’ was the first product of Budhani Store but today they have wide range of products that

includes tomato, cheese, masala potato chips. The dry fruit Cashew Nut Chiwda, Special Potato Mix, salted peanuts and cashew nuts shouldn’t be missed. Especially the dry fruit potato chiwda… Yums.. *Drooling*

Ok so I was saying the wafers are damn tasty. Budhani wafers are supplied to premium restaurants, hotels, multiplexes, malls, educational institutes and clubs. Not only this. They export their products to New Zealand, Nigeria and Qatar! Today the business is run by Arvind, Kishore and Paresh Budhani.

Location323 M. G. Road, Camp,  Pune 411 001.
Contact: 020 26134118

Timing: 9.00 AM to 8:30 PM

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