Meet Teerthraj Bhatia!

Do you know this gentleman? He has been volunteering as a traffic warden for 22 years!

If you have ever been to  Pulgate Chowk on Solapur Road, you might have seen this gentleman. His name is Teerthraj Bhatia. This 74-year-old gem of Pune is volunteering as a traffic warden for 22 yearsHe says he started volunteering because there is a big traffic problem in Pune & wanted to do his bit to solve it. He begins his daily work of volunteering at 10am. He works at Pulgate Chowk & Jambhulkar Chowk in Wanowrie. Bhatia is trained as a home guard. Later one month of training made him eligible to work with traffic police. He says he has learnt this sense of responsibility as a child in the shakha of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He has been felicitated many times by top cops for his selfless service to the society. He often meets with the DCP to discuss traffic situation in Pune and offers valuable suggestions.We salute him for his selfless work. If you ever meet him say thanks on behalf of all Punekars.


  1. Salute!!!! - Abhay Kulkarni

  2. नुसतच बसून पुण्यातल्या ट्रफिक शिव्या देणारे खूप आहेत. पण तीर्थराज भाटिया यांसारखे मात्र खूप कमी लोक आहेत.

    - शिवराज तावडे


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