Chitale Bandhu

Shri. B G Chitale established a dairy business in Sangli district in 1939. Later his eldest son Raghunathrao Chitale started Chitale Bandhu Mitaiwale store in 1950on Bajirao road in Sadashiv Peth. Sweets and savories were sold at this place. The deccan gymkhana outlet was started in 1954. Today they have 11 outlets across the city!

It was Rajabhau Chitale who modernized the business and the next generations kept the business technologically up-to-date. Today they have machines which are imported from Sweden to manufacture the items to serve foody Punekars. Chitale Mithaiwale has a wide range of sweets, namkeens and milk products. The menu at Chitale store has around 60 sweet and 40 namkeen items.

The hot selling items are Bakarwadi and Amba Barfi.

Bakarwadi was started in 1970 and today the store has a dedicated Bakarwadi counter, where you will always find a queue. It is the Ranje, Shivapur plant which manufactures the Bakarwadi.  The machine at the plant produces 350 kg of Bakarwadi. Everyday Chitale Bandhu sells 3000 kg of Bakarwadi. The products are sold all over Maharashtra though they don’t have any outlet outside Maharashtra. The Chitale Bandhu products are exported to US, Singapore, Austalia, New Zealand and Israel. The estimated turnover is 200 crore. The business activity is HACCP certified. It is the first mithai shop that introduced computerized billing in Pune. 
Madness for Bakarwadi Explained!

Chitale was the first to introduce RFID system in their store. Once you enter the store a security guard will give you a card. You have to carry the card with yourself in the store. If you wish to buy Bakarwadi just tell the guy at the counter to give you Bakarwadi and give him the card. He will put it on a machine and will type something on it. Then he will give it back to you with the Bakarwadi.  When you are done with buying the yummy Chitale products, just go to the  counter and give the card to the cashier. He will put it on a machine and will you give you the bill. That’s it! I mean you have to pay after that ok!


  1. 3000 kilos. OMG! Afta reading it i want to eat bakarwadi now. :-)
    But will have to wait till tmrrw morning ;-( - Ketaki Mulay

  2. There's no doubt chitale is a best brands for snack and sweets.I also found that chitale dairy products have a good taste specially, chitale shrikhand.


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